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How to take Talent Focus®
Online Test

Obtain a Token for Talent Focus Online® Test

down_arrow You can obtain Talent Focus® Online Test token either from  here or from Talent Focus® certified consultants*.  When you already have a token please see 'Launch Talent Focus® Online Test' below.

Make an Online Payment (online purchase only)


When you choose to purchase a token online, you pay the test fee (JPY 5,400)through your credit card.  When the billing process has completed sucessfully, a token valid for one Talent Focus® Online Test is issued.  The token is also sent to the E-mail address you have entered at purchase and you might want to check it along with other billing information.
*For those persons live in outside of Japan, please do not attempt to make an online payment as the online purchase is designed for Japan residents only. 

Launch Talent Focus® Online Test

Have your token ready and launch the test from here.  It is as easy as to pick an answer which would suit you the best to every question.  You are going to be asked around 100 questions and it takes about 5 to 15 minutes to complete.


View Talent Focus® Online Test Result

When you have completed Talent Focus® Online Test, you will see the test result which depicts your talent derived by Talent Focus® original and unique algorhythm.
→→→The sample of the test result is available here.

The test result shows one element out of five and one talent profile out of ten you have.  You may have already recognized your talent.  Or you may find a new talent you don’t even know today!
The sample of the test result is available here.

Attend a Commentary Seminar About Your Talent

When you would like to learn more about your talent or the  element and the profile, or when you are curious to know what other elements/profiles are, profile or other elements and profiles, we encourage you to take a commentary seminar (separate fee reuquired) held by Talent Focus® certified consultants*.  Please contact Talent Focus® Administarion Office for the seminar schedule.

* Talent Focus® certified consultants are referred to as Talent Focus®Practitioner, Talent Focus®Consultant, Talent Focus®Senior Consultant and Talent Focus®Executive Consultant.

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